Google Plus – who is it for?

We have begun adding our clients biz pages to G+… Why? Well it’s google and we almost feel like we have to… But is it worth it for the clients?

My clients are constantly asking, “Will this help me? Do I need to be on here?” my first inclination is to respond with, “It’s google, you almost feel like u have to”, but as of right now I don’t see a use for business to consumers on google pages.

I see why you would want to add a local page, then shake hands with google places, as this will enhance your local optimization. But what about for a non-places client, that is just a brand, community?

Right now google is on spam look out and they don’t have much in search results past 2007. So if you make a Google Plus Page to get a “presence” what’s to say google’s eyes won’t say it’s over-saturation and dink you for it.

If you have an amazing following already on twitter/Facebook and your Mark Zuckerberg or Lady Gaga, it’s given that you already know you’ll have a positive hit on google plus. But if you have a local individual, or a popular, but “normal” everyday business that actually has a good following on Facebook and then you try and move them to G+ aren’t u confusing the consumer? Plus adding additional staff to keep it fresh for real-time indexing, isn’t an option for everyone, and trying to manage yet another unique content post yourself is about enough to drive anyone insane. Plus, what happens if you have a facebook page, and a G+ page, and you’re adding news to both, and then you announce the same thing, are you going to get duped for duplicate content? I could go on…

Google if you want to tap into social circle your doing a great job for news and photographers but Google, please tell us what you want? If you want us to stop using FB and use G+, then buy Facebook! You acquire a few companies a month, why not add this to your list? Or better yet, let FB be FB, and you be search. Reminds me of last year when Bing started the commercials.

Sorry for my rant, but Google please tell us what’s in it for my medium to smaller size companies. In the meantime, to answer the questions I keep getting, “do I need to be on Google Plus? Open a profile page?” Beware once u go that your email address associated with your profile will expose you and all your glory hehehe
Just know its nice, it’s fun, it’s clean but all your personal buddies are not there, unless you’re in news, photography or a celeb stocker ,)

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