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Move over Panda there is a new bird in town, Penguin. Google’s latest update, Penguin, went into full effect April 24. Penguin is a change designed to rid/punish spamming pages in order to fit Google’s correct guidelines. To know if you were hit by this recent change look at your search traffic and notice any changes. If you have noticed a drop in traffic then you have probably been affected by Penguin. However, if you notice your traffic has increased Penguin may have benefited you. If you notice no changes in traffic then you may have been unaffected by the Penguin update.

If affected by Penguin a way to recover from the Penguin update is to remove any spam you may have on your page. Chances are if you do have spam content Google may have sent you a message, possibly in the past, about spamming. Make sure to check your Google Webmaster Central to notice any messages, and to verify your account. Within the Google Webmaster Central there is an opportunity to fill out a “reconsideration request”, but, since the Penguin has taken effect the new update will no longer accept reconsideration requests. Google has said, “Because this is an algorithmic change, Google has no plans to make manual exceptions. Webmasters cannot ask for reconsideration of their site, but we’re happy to hear feedback about the change on our webmaster forum.”

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