The Freedom Of Social Media

Social Media is a huge online forum acting as an empty playground for speaking personal opinions. Social media allows everyone to speak their mind and communicate with others. It is a known fact that people trust their friends and family members rather than strangers or large companies. Social media allows the exchange of product reviews, places to visit and restaurants to visit. 64% of people trust social media more if the dialogue is both positive and negative comments.

If you don’t exercise social media within your business you are missing out on a large sector of consumers. Social media is all about expressing opinions on brands, products, and much more. When social media is used correctly it can give you a huge competitive advantage. Besides gaining customer insight social media can also benefit your business by gaining new customers. An easy way to use social media to your advantage is to ask customers to vote on new products you may have or have customers vote on user submissions through various contests using video or photo submissions. Doing this will engage your target market giving you an insider perspective about with consumers really want.

When customers feel their feedback is valued by companies they are more likely to become loyal customers and recommend your products or services. Adding incentives through social media such as discounts rewards your customers which in return will also incorporate their positive feedback through social media.

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Hi my name is Sara and I'm the Social Media Manager here at! I love all thing social whether it be Facebook, Pinterest, Polyvore, Squidoo, Twitter -- you get it :) I literally live through social media, as well as search engine optimization and blogging, and I keep up with the constant changes, updates and news, and I absolutely love it. There is not a moment in the day that I'm not active on social media. I wake up with and fall asleep with, kind of obsessed? I think so.

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