Pinterest Like Sites Drive Sales

By now we have all indulged, or at least know of the third most popular social media site, Pinterest. According to Practical e commerce 32% of respondents to a March survey reported making a purchase after seeing a product or similar picture on Pinterest, or similar social media forum. We are always wanting the answer to the popular question “Do these sites actually help retailer sell more?” The answer is simple, YES.

About 37% of online shoppers recognized social sharing sites, sites like Pinterest such as Discoveredd, Fancy, Gentlemint, Juxtapost, and Polyvore. Pinterest is becoming a huge opportunity for retailers to drive sales and traffic onto their site. Having a Pinterest account is a big advantage and way of getting your images seen by shoppers. Of course, not every item seen on Pinterest will be purchased, but, it is an easy and fun way to get your items seen by the majority of the population using social media sites.

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