Pinterest Promotions Are All The Rage

It is no secret how large Pinterest’s interaction and engagement has grown to be. Marketers and retailers want in on this fast growing action. We have all seen Facebook Promotions but Pinterest Promotions are becoming the next big “money maker”. Once businesses have a profile to grasp, they create a promotion on the Pinterest forum where they encourage customer’s to follow their individual brand and pin from their website.

Pinterest Promotions can be run many different ways. Many times you will find a “directions pin” such as this one with the proper ways to enter in order to “pin it to win it”. Pinterest Promotions can be successful, if promoted in the correct manner and keeping ease of use in mind. Giving away items through contests and promotions has always been deemed successful in the marketing and retail world but, is now a virtual world to contend with and using a site such as Pinterest is a way to gain even more customer’s eyes. Before assuming success through a Pinterest Promotion make sure to read up on Pinterest’s rules and regulations.

Polyvore, hot social media site, also got in on the Pinterest Promotion. See their promotional strategy here. was recognized for outstanding customer service due to their successful Pinterest Promotion strategy. They incorporated their Facebook profile, along with an on-going promotion, within the greater Pinterest Promotion. Read about their success and how you can score success yourself here.

Some tips on starting a Pinterest Promotion:

1. Be Creative: Pinterst is an imagery site-use this to your benefit. Don’t add bland photos and expect immediate interaction with your audience.

2. Be Unique: Put a unique twist on your promotion that you haven’t seen others do. What do you have to be valued as unique to bring to the table?

3. Drive Traffic to Your Website: It is highly recommended that you promote your promotion heavily. Include rules, examples, terms, registration forms in a clear and simple manner.

4. Use voting and hash tags:  ask participants to use a specific phrase in their image descriptions to raise awareness of the promotions and signify that the pin is part of your contest or chance promotion. Use re-pinning and liking as a voting tool for contests for added engagement.  Include hashtags in the description for easy searching and clarity when people’s Pinterest accounts are linked to Twitter and   Facebook.

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  1. Lianne says:

    Pinfluencer is running a monthly webinar series on Pinterest promotions best practices and pinterest roi analytics. check out some past recordings at:

  2. Sara says:

    Thanks Lianne! We will look into this!

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